Air-Oil Coolers

Air-Oil Coolers Air-oil coolers are another type of heat exchanger that uses oil for cooling purposes. Oil coolers / Heat exchangers are small radiators placed in front of the engines, in most cases on vehicles with fans. Air-oil coolers can be trigg...

Hydraulic Oil Cooler

What is Hydraulic Oil Cooler? The answer to our question, What is a Hydraulic Oil Cooler, Hydraulic oil coolers; It is used to prevent high-level heating of the fluid in the system, such as fan coolers. Moreover, it is used to ensure that the fluid c...

    UKRA Coolers offers high performance industrial coolers, standard and special design products at competitive prices with high quality standards. Our standard and custom designed coolers; It will be a part of your mobile machines with its high performance, long life, compact dimensions, cost-effective and aggressive working conditions.


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