UPM Offline Air-Oil Heat Exchanger

UPM Offline Air-Oil Heat Exchanger

In hydraulic systems, some of the mechanical energy is converted into heat, and the oil temperature in the hydraulic system increases. Upm Offline air oil cooler a heat exchanger must be installed in the system to distribute the generated heat. The goal is to achieve thermal equilibrium.

UKRA UPM series hydraulic package coolers are designed in 10 different sizes to fit your hydraulic machine in Measure and for high performance cooling. Most importantly, UMB series coolers include a new generation of built-in by-pass valve, at unexpectedly high pressures, the valve opens, and some of the oil is sent from the by-pass line to the outlet of the cooler.

These cooling units can operate independently of the main flow of the hydraulic system. As a result, it ensures continuous cooling of the hydraulic system and protects the radiator from damage caused by pressure peaks.

UPM Offline Air-Oil Heat Exchanger Features

  • Compact air-oil cooler for offline applications.
  • Low frequency sound and noise level.
  • 8.5 kW cooling capacity (higher levels on demand).
  • Independent System.
  • In addition, UPM Offline air oil cooler units can be easily installed later.

Where Is It Used?

  • Construction machinery, piercing and Crusher machinery etc. cooling engine oils
  • Also agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery engine oil cooling
  • Cooling the oil of the machines used to obtain forest products, which are large construction machines
  • Oil cooling systems of machines used for jobs such as drilling
  • It is used in hydraulic systems, in industries such as generators and wind turbines, to cool heated oils at temperatures that cannot perform their duty.

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UPM Offline Air-Oil Heat Exchanger


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