Strong engineering infrastructure and international experience in coolers gave birth to this young company. It is our job to offer the most suitable cooler by working with the motto Listen, Calculate, Design.

UKRA Coolers offers high performance  standard and custom design products at competitive prices with high quality standards.

Our standard and application-specific coolers will be a part of your mobile machines with high performance, long life, compact dimensions, cost-effective and aggressive operating conditions.

All mobile machines need a special cooler. We work with you for your machine special cooler, get detailed information about your application, select the right cooler for you and make it unique

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide our customers with unbeatable services and quality products with a perfect engineering infrastructure.  For the benefit of our customers, we have a comprehensive range of mechanical and industrial engineering products and services that can be scaled according to any needs, small, medium or large.


Our Mission

To determine the safest path to growth and prosperous outcome is to provide pragmatic solutions to businesses by listening, observing and focusing ourselves entirely on the jobs we will do. When you do business with us, you don’t have to wait weeks or months for your products to arrive. As Ukra Coolers, we are here to build a long-term relationship and partner by inventing new ideas to empower our customers with the quality of our products and services.