UMB Air-Oil Heat Exchanger

UMB Air-Oil Heat Exchanger

UKRA UMB air oil coolers allow the fluid to be cooled in hydraulic systems by electric or hydromotor driven fan. Coolers are manufactured from high-strength aluminum alloys. Efficiency is maximized by the special design of turbulators inside the oil flow channels.

By-pass Valve is included in UMB series coolers. Moreover, it operates without the need for an external by-pass valve in the system at rapid pressure changes and overloads. Designed in world class with advanced technology, our chillers have a low noise level, strong design and high cooling performance, suitable for demanding working conditions.

UMB Air-Oil Heat Exchanger Features

  • It is cooler models with low and high KW cooling capacity.
  • Models with permeability up to 1000 lt/Min are available.
  • Moreover, AC motor, DC motor, hydraulic Motor, electric Motor models are available.

Please contact Sales Representative for By-pass valve and all our other models.



UMB Air-Oil Heat Exchanger


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    UKRA Coolers offers high performance industrial coolers, standard and special design products at competitive prices with high quality standards. Our standard and custom designed coolers; It will be a part of your mobile machines with its high performance, long life, compact dimensions, cost-effective and aggressive working conditions.


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